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This Twin-Turbo R8 Does 244 MPH – Daily Update

In today’s Grand Tour Nation update, a twin-turbo Audi R8 goes very fast, Toyota lies a lot in a commercial, and a BMW gets a turbo’ed LS. Let the boosting begin!

The Twin-Turbo Audi R8

Fancy setting any world records with your Audi R8? Well, you probably won’t. Not unless you do what these guys did, and stick on a couple turbos and a few other mods, raising the top speed to a colossal 244.83 mph. Of course, it costs around an entire R8 more than the stock car, but that’s the price you pay for speeeeeeeeed.

The Purist Porsche That Doesn’t Cost Half A Million Dollars

Porsche 911R

The Porsche 911R is currently one of the most valuable lightly used cars on the market, reportedly commanding values of over $500,000, mostly because it uses a lot of technology from thirty years ago and the purists want to keep it that way. And Porsche is rumored to be working on something in the same vein for people without gilded nose rings who aren’t named “Puff” or “Daddy.” It’s not known how this might differ from just a base, standard Carrera. Maybe we’ll just get some cool stripes.

Toyota’s Ridiculous Camry Commercial

Toyota knows what enthusiasts want. This is the company that came up with the 86 and the Supra. So why on earth are these ads so tone-deaf? Nobody’s buying a Camry because they want an M3. People buy a Camry because their friend’s daughter’s teacher’s brother-in-law told them they were the most reliable things on four wheels. This would be a different story if the Camry had a sporty bone in its body, but for now, Toyota’s stuck in advertising limbo. Don Draper would be disgusted.

The LS-Swapped, Turbocharged 5-Series


Want a reliable, torquey, powerful and cheap engine? Put in an LS. And if you want even more power, put in an LS with a turbo pushing a whopping 24 psi of boost into those eight big cylinders. Say what you will about the sacrilegious trashing of a perfectly good BMW engine – this thing makes quite a noise. And 856 lb-ft of torque. (It’s also for sale!)

The Alcraft GT: A Render, But A Very Pretty(?) Render

Alcraft GT

The quest for a real electric car that’ll work every day without being expensive has not been completed yet, but we’ve got a whole ton of expensive ones that don’t work every day yet remain extremely cool. The Alcraft GT is firmly in the latter camp. It’s got 600bhp and 840 lb-ft of torque, two doors, and it’s being crowdfunded right now. By who? Rich people who want to pay for a car that doesn’t exist? Something tells me they don’t exactly have the most sustainable business model.

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