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Richard Hammond Admits His Dream Job Wasn’t Top Gear

It is pretty widely assumed that the Grand Tour and Top Gear presenters have one of the best jobs in the world. They get to travel the globe driving some of the best cars that money can buy, while having a great time with their mates and seeing some amazing places.

So if Richard Hammond could have any other job in the world, what would it be? Maybe a pilot, or an engineer, working in F1, something vehicle based surely? Well apparently not:

“If I could have somebody else’s career, it would be, a really big architect, any of them. It was a career I really wanted to do, I got into university to do it as a mature student at the age of about 22, I’d been thrown out of sixth form for being an idiot, went to art college, went straight into radio which is irrelevant and after a year, I’d always wanted to be an architect so I got into Canterbury to read architecture.”

While it’s certainly not what we were expecting, we’re also not entirely surprised. Richard has also had a keen interest in engineering and if his Amazon show ‘Big’ is anything to go by, architecture too. Richard continued:

“But I sat outside and thought ‘it’s a seven year course, I’m already hideously in debt for motorcycles and cars, I can’t afford it’, so I didn’t do it. But I would by now have a job of social standing significance and dignity. Instead of whatever I am now, so that, architect.”

If he had have followed this path, he may very well be not be the Hamster we know and love on our TV screens. Maybe he’d have been the next Kevin McCloud, who knows? If you would like to see the whole interview, you can watch it below:

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