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Richard Hammond Is Often Mistaken As Robert Downey Jr

On a recent interview with DriveTribe, ex-Top Gear presenter and current Grand Tour traveller Richard Hammond went into detail about a number of aspects of his life, not just cars. He opened up about where he would be if he didn’t get the Top Gear job and how the show was so successful. Another aspect he focused on was his apparent likeness to Robert Downey Junior and Al Pacino. When asked out his alleged doppelgangers, Richard said:

“Regarding the Robert Downey JNR/Al Pacino thing.. Al Pacino is like in his 70’s easily, I don’t know if you’ve been watching hunted on Amazon funnily enough you’ll see it.”

We can maybe understand Richard’s disappointment at being compared to an aged seventy year old actor, but Robert Downey Junior can’t be too bad? I mean come on, he is Iron Man! Richard continued:

“It does happen.. I was stopped at Heathrow travelling with my family and my eldest daughter was walking off to go to the loo or something and she passed this family and the woman said ‘ooh is he Robert Downey JNR?’ and she said ‘no’.”

Personally, I’d take that as a compliment but for Richard, who is also in his own right, hugely successful. You could say he is a bit like Iron Man in a way, getting paid to drive round in massively advanced vehicles and incredible speeds. Richard concluded:

“It was quite disappointing because the little boy came up to say hello, and I was all ready to sign autographs and have a photo and he said, ‘are you Iron Man?’ and I had to say, ‘No mate, I’m really sorry I’m not’. But I couldn’t say I’m that guy off that car show you’ve probably never seen.”

Personally, until seeing the video (which you can watch in its entirety below), I never made the connection that Richard Hammond looks like either Al Pacino or Robert Downey Junior, but now you mention it, I can kind of see it. Don’t get too excited though Richard as I can only kind of see it.

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