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Richard Hammond Comments On Relationship With Tory Belleci: “Friends For Life”

Richard Hammond and Tory Belleci have joined forced for their most recent show, The Great Escapists, and fans are excited to see how The Grand Tour star gets on with Tory of Mythbusters. They’ve been tasked with building a luxury island after getting stuck, so tensions will be high (according to the script), and this is an all new adventure for both presenters.

On being asked how Hammond got on with Tory, he explained that they will be “friends for life”.

“We are so similar, it’s ridiculous,” he told The Express.

“Our attitudes are very similar. He works in a similar way to me. I absolutely love working with the guy, it’s the easiest thing.

“From the first moment when we shot the first scene it was an instant connection on set.

“We’d go through a scene a few times as there are marks to hit and plot points to get in but it’s semi-improvised.

“If I go in a different direction he will always pick up and run with it because he’s listening and engaged. We’re not just standing there delivering lines to each other.”

He continues:

“In some of these scenes Tory is completely upstaging me. Before we got on set I was thinking ‘I hope he’s good’, but very quickly it was a case of ‘Oh, he’s really good’.”

The Great Escapists will be published to Amazon Prime Video on 29 January this year. It’s safe to say, we’ve very excited.

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