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Richard Hammond In Talks About Possible New Show With His Beloved Opel ‘Oliver’

Top Gear and The Grand Tour have both brought us a host of customisations as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May turn their hands to different worlds within motoring. From circuit racing to wedding drivers, they’ve done it all. But now with The Grand Tour only focusing on huge, not necessarily car-orientated special episodes, it sounds as though Hammond is getting restless.

In a recent video, he admits that he’s been in talks about modifying Oliver, his trusty Opel Kadett that he has restored after falling in love with it during a Top Gear special episode in Botswana, and is quite tempted to add more performance.

“I’d like one day to maybe do a show using him for as many different things as I can,” he explains.

“I’d like to take him stage rallying, drag racing, take him circuit racing…”

He admits that he will have to “customise the car heavily” to be able to do this, but he’s very interested in taking the car through several evolution.

“I can drop a small block V8 in him for a bit. That would ask questions for the rest of the transmission and drivetrain, yes.

“He’ll tear himself to bits so he’ll need new everything underneath, but I’d quite like to take him through various evolutions. I think that could be fun.”

There are two things we should take away from this. Firstly, Hammond still has his beloved Oliver and is very interested in taking things to the next step with the little car. But secondly, and maybe more importantly, he’s interested in doing another show entirely revolving around the modification of Oliver as it’s taken to different motoring events, presumably around the country and maybe further.

Let us know if you’d be interested in such a thing, especially as Amazon seems to be dragging its heels on the next episode of The Grand Tour.

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