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Richard Hammond Is Very Nervous For Fans To Watch His New Show: The Great Escapists

Richard Hammond has had quite a career away from Top Gear and The Grand Tour with numerous other non-car-related projects such as Richard Hammond’s Big and Wipeout. But he’s admitted to The Sun that his latest show, The Great Escapists, feels different to the rest.

He has revealed that he’s very worried about how The Great Escapists will be received by his and Tory Belleci’s fans.

“I’ve never been so bloody nervous about a show going out,” he said.

“I’m more exposed, more ­vulnerable on this one than anything I’ve ever done.

“When we left I sobbed like a baby because that was a whole world that took seven weeks to build and we were tearing it down.”

This new show will see Hammond and Belleci fight for survival after they’ve been shipwrecked on a tropical island. Using their own knowledge and cunning, they build for themselves an island with luxuries such as helicopters, boats, and, as you can see from the trailers, lots and lots of explosions.

If you think this is right up your street, watch it on Amazon Prime Video when it’s released on January 29, 2021. And if you like it, make sure Hammond and Belleci know by posting about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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