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Richard Hammond reveals Plans To build The Perfect Dream Garage

Richard Hammond, The Grand Tour presenter, has secured planning to build not only the perfect dream garage for all of his cars, but a secure one, too. This, according to the Daily Mail, was very important to him after thieves accessed his castle-like Herefordhshire home last year, which it states on the plans.

Hammond owns several cars such as a classic Ford Mustang, a Jaguar E-Type, classic Porsche 911s, and a host of motorbikes, and he’s now looking to upgrade the stables of his home to facilitate the storage of this collection.

The plans state the following:

‘There is no storage provision for any farm or equestrian vehicles and their equipment. These are currently left outside, recently leading to the theft of tractor parts.

‘The owner has a collection of cars and motorcycles which support his work as a motoring journalist. Currently these are housed ‘ad hoc’ in the listed barns or in the open courtyard.

‘Secure storage and parking for this collection of vehicles is fundamental to the owners needs. Removal of these vehicles from the listed buildings is also desired so that they can be used domestically.’

These drawings show 11 parking bays for his cars and motorcycles, plus two for a couple of Land Rovers. There will also be space for his wife, Mindy, to store farming and equestrian equipment such as horse transport and tractors.

The local council is looking to make a decision regarding the new plans in the next month, however there have been no complaints from neighbours so far. Hammond is no stranger to planning rejections after last year he turned a 200-year-old barn into a party venue and for guests to stay in. This was accepted, but further plans to add en-suites to each bedroom and add an additional bedroom were rejected by the council who said the designs would ‘harm the aesthetic and architectural value’ of the castle.

We’ll know more when the council makes its decision.

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