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Richard Hammond Says His Family Will Probably Never Watch His Crash Footage

We all remember Richard’s horror crash in the Rimac Concept One during a Swiss hillclimb event, right? With the premiere of the second season of The Grand Tour right around the corner, the whole world is going to see firsthand what happened that day. However, not everyone will be watching.

Hammond has revealed that his family has yet to see any footage of the crash. “I don’t think they ever will.” In fact, Hammond has even mentioned that it’s tough to sit through the film himself, often wanting to shout at the TV “Stop it you silly little sod, it’s going to wrong!”

With Mindy’s “two out of three strikes” warning, Hammond has admitted that he will never race at high speeds again, adding that it would be “disrespectful” as a husband and father to take risks like that. “I don’t think it would be well-received if I do it again.

“My family haven’t seen the latest crash. I don’t think they ever will. Mindy won’t want to watch it, because she will just be really, really cross.”

I can sympathize with Hamster; I like going fast as much as the next guy, but the moment I had my first child, I found myself going much slower and taking fewer risks. After all, how would I explain it to my family if I were to die in a horrible crash just because I wanted to drive up the mountain really fast?



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