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Richard Hammond Wants To Be Called This Instead Of “Hamster”

It might be one of the most well-known nicknames ever given to a television presenter, but it turns out that Richard Hammond is not a huge fan of the name “Hamster.” In fact, he has a name that he would rather be called.

The name “Hamster” was something that I always assumed originated from Top Gear, but according to Hammond himself, it was a name given to him by BBC motoring expert Zog Ziegler. It was created because of his surname “Hammond” and because of his height.

“My nickname, the Hamster, I owe to a man called Zog Ziegler who, in terms of big breaks, I owe more than anybody else.”

However, Hammond mentioned that his first-born daughter Isabella was the original “Hamster” and that she should have the nickname:

“When we told him we were expecting our first child he clapped his hands together and said, ‘oh, a little hamster’, so, really, my daughter, Issy, was the first Hamster.”

So what would Hammond rather be called instead of the iconic “Hamster?”

“Still, I would rather my nickname was the Wolf, or the Hawk.”

Ok, whatever you say, Hammond.


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