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Richard Hammond Wants DriveTribe To Move Beyond Motoring

DriveTribe has been live for just a few months, but it has seen some surprising growth. Much of it can be attributed to the star power behind Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, and launching alongside the premiere of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime has also helped the social media network grow tremendously. DriveTribe get 2M views per day, an amazing feat it you consider that it is niche network at best.

Or is it? An interview with Richard Hammond on City A.M. sheds a bit of light on the boys’ plans for DriveTribe beyond the world of motoring, and also how they hope DriveTribe will be seen alongside the mighty social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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If you’re reading this article, chances are you already know what DriveTribe is all about, so I won’t waste any of your time describing it to you. Instead, let’s talk about how DT intends to differ from other social media networks. Ernesto Schmidt, the co-founder of DriveTribe and an entrepreneur hired to grow DriveTribe as quickly as possible, gives his thoughts on how he wants DriveTribe to stand out from the crowd:

“The point about social media to date, has been that it connects you with people you know. Your Facebook feed is stories about individuals you’re already familiar with. With DRIVETRIBE, we’re spinning that 180 degrees. This isn’t about the people you know; it’s about the passions you share.”

The boys (and Schmidt) already have a target of 100M plus users, and the way they plan on getting to that number is actually a bit surprising. According to Hammond, the plan is to eventually move beyond motoring:

“I’m not sure yet what we’ll be able to add content-wise in the fields of fashion, food, and certainly not music if Jeremy gets anywhere bloody near it, but we are pressure-testing the tech with that in mind.”

On that subject, Schmidt also adds that we will eventually be seeing different brands using the same model and technology as DriveTribe. Whether that means a slew of spinoff social media site devoted to other topics or an expansion of DriveTribe to include non-motoring related topics remains to be seen.

What would you like to see coming from DriveTribe? Does the idea of expanding beyond motoring appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below and on our Facebook page!

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