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The Grand Job: Meet Jim Mero The Corvette Test Driver

Close your eyes for just a moment and picture yourself waking up each day knowing that you get to go jump into a Corvette and drive it how it was built to be driven. Well, meet the man that does just that – Jim Mero.

Jim’s job title is Ride & Handling Engineer at Chevrolet and his job is what I, (and I’m sure many of you), dream about: test drive Corvettes to see just how fast they can go and find the limits on what it can do.

Who is Jim Mero and how did he get to do what he does? Well, it started for him when he was a young boy and was at an Indy car race. After the first lap he looked over to his mom and said, “I want to do that”, to which his mom replied, “No, you’re going to college”. And he did.  Jim majored in Mechanical Engineering, but that’s not all he his on his resume that landed him his job. Jim started racing go-karts when he was younger and has worked all the way up to racing in La Mans 24th GT-1 class in 1995. So not only does he have the mental know how of automotive but he also has many years of experience behind the wheel. And that, according to Jim, is what gets you where he is. Knowledge, hands on experience and a background in racing.

“I have the best job in the entire world” – Jim Mero

The Grand Tour and Michelin have put together this incredible and informative short video of Jim and his life as a Corvette test driver. Watch it below and tell us your thoughts on what it would be like for you to do what he does. Thanks for reading and stay tuned here at Grand Tour Nation for all the news about The Grand Tour and anything automotive! Ciao!

As a little bonus here are a couple of videos of Jim at “work”. Enjoy!

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