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The Grand Tour: Andy Wilman Is Forgetting To Eat During The Lockdown

Look, we’re all struggling with the lockdown – it’s tough and if you’re Grand Tour executive producer and editor, Andy Wilman, it may have been even tougher.

Not only did he have to overcome a serious bout of coronavirus, but he also isn’t in his plush Soho editing suite, with ‘the help’ on hand to bring him everything he needs during the arduous Grand Tour editing process.

In the recent DriveTribe interview between Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman, Clarkson was asking all the hard-hitting questions:

Jeremy: How are you managing without people to bring you things?

We’d all love people to bring us things at our every whim but for most of us, this is just a pipe dream – to Andy Wilman, it is not. He is now a man who has gotten so used to the life of leisure, (don’t get us wrong, he works incredibly hard, but his success comes with it’s perks it seems), he can just expect people to bring him everything he could possibly need:

Andy: I held out my hand the other day, sort of like this.. ten minutes, no one put anything in it and I was like ‘oh s**t, I’m not there’.

Andy Wilman holds out his hand expecting someone to hand him something

Wilman also joked about how he is so fortunate, that he has to be reminded to eat – that or, he is so busy trying to edit thousands of hours of footage into one Grand Tour episode, we assume it’s the latter:

Andy: “I haven’t eaten lunch for three weeks just because nobody’s come in and went ‘we’re off to Wagamama’, and if I don’t hear the words I just don’t eat.”

So there you have it, not only does Andy Wilman get to hold out his hand for people to place food and beverages in it, but he is also partial to a Wagamama. Not only have we been given an insight into the inner workings of the Grand Tour’s executive producer during the editing process, but we have also answered the age old question… What does Andy Wilman like for lunch? Wagamama.

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