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The Grand Tour Anniversary of Portugal and Chris Harris’ White Flag

Exactly one year ago, Jeremy Clarkson tweeted out a pick from Portugal after they finished up filming the hypercar challenge, which have seen in the last two trailers from The Grand Tour.

The photo was taken as the ink on their new contract with Amazon was drying. A huge splash for the hosts and the crew that believed in them. They finally got the three cars everyone said was impossible to bring together for one show.

One month later, Chris Harris and his YouTube crew were at the same exact track, testing the same three hypercars, but before that happened, Chris Harris acknowledged the true car show gods with a tweet of his own.


At least Chris knows what’s about to come down on November 18th.

All kidding aside, one of the real tragic by-product of the whole Steak fracas was the career of Chris Harris. I really saw him as the person who was in the best position to pick up the torch once the guys decided to hang up their racing gloves.

I hope Chris steps up to the challenge, which in effect will make the boys step up their game as well. The real winner will be us, the fans, of these great hosts.

h/t: Reddit | swskeptic

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  1. Gotta say, I’ve never been keen on Chris Harris. I don’ hate him or wish him ill. Just won’t tune in to anything solely based upon whether that thing has or features Chris Harris or not. I respect and understand what he brings to the spectator sport of supercar lusting, mind you.

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