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The Grand Tour Brings Back Cheap Car Challenge For Season 3

We’ve already seen The Grand Tour’s version of a cheap car challenge during the Mozambique Special episode  where Clarkson, Hammond and May modified three cheap vehicles to allow them to transport food to the hungry villages in the centre of the country. Hammond drove a TVS Star motorbike, James a Mercedes 200T, and Clarkson a Nissan Navara.

This time they’re in China in 3 luxury saloons. Although Clarkson didn’t seem too bothered about them when he called them “terrible European and American cars”. You can read about that here.

You can see the trio in action below:

Our favourite American Richard Hammond is of course in the American Cadillac STS. Clarkson is in the BMW 7-Series, and May is in a Mercedes W-140 S-Class.

They’ve been recorded driving around China in these non-air conditioned cars around the same time as an interview in China where they talked about the launch of a Chinese DriveTribe – their motoring social media site. You can see that below.

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