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This Aston Martin Vantage Shooting Brake Is Just What The Brand Needs

There’s no hiding it. We LOVE shooting brakes. I think it stems from our love of wagons, specifically the more powerful kind like the Audi RS4/6 and BMW M5s. Shooting brakes blend this idea with a sports car silhouette, and what better car to transition into a shooting brake than a new Aston Martin Vantage.

The DBX may well be the family car to buy from the Aston brand, but this Vantage, created by Rain Prisk, could very well be what the British company needs to pull itself out of the hell it’s currently residing. Okay, fine. Maybe not. No one other than us lot actually like them, and we can’t afford to buy one if they did create something so perfect, so they probably should stick with the DBX. But look at it.

The way the roof curves slowly into the rear end of the car, and its black paint perfectly blends in with the wing-like rear light display and spoiler. It’s making my gooey just thinking about how many shopping bags and dogs I could fit in that thing.

Rain is the go-to guy for this kind of motoring architecture, with a number of similar projects on his Facebook page. But this certainly stands to be one of our favourites. Don’t you think?

The Vantage sits on the same chassis as the beloved DB11, despite it being shortened, and is, therefore, more punchy and aggressive than the long-distance tourer. The engine, the same power unit as the Mercedes-AMG C63, produces 503bhp and 505lb ft, meaning the 1.5-ton Vantage will launch itself to 62mph in just 3.6 seconds and carry on to a top speed of 195mph. With the manual option, these figures change to 4.0secs and 200mph respectively.

Not the fastest thing you can buy for £120k, but certainly the best looking.

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