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The Grand Tour Effect? Alfa Romeo Giulia Sales Are Through The Roof

A little while ago, the Alfa Romeo’s image among car enthusiast wasn’t the best. Many did in fact belittle the italian sports car being infamous for its unreliability. But along came Jeremy Clarkson and things changed for the better. In fact, they changed so much that the sales of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia in the US went through the roof in February 2017.

The Grand Tour-Effect?

Jeremy Clarkson did his epic review on the Giulia in episode 10 of The Grand Tour. He finished noting that “you can’t be a true petrolhead until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo”. Clarkson concluded that this one was the one you’d actually want to buy. Anyway, what kind of petrolheads would we be if we weren’t listening to Jeremy Clarkson’s advice, right? Maybe that is what many car enthusiasts in the US were thinking. According to Fiat Chrysler’s sales report dated February 1st 2017, the company almost tripled its sales of the Giulia in comparison to the previous month.

But let’s take a little look back. The Grand Tour’s episode with Clarkson’s review of the Giulia aired on January 13th 2017. But the Giulia Quadrifoglio had been released on the US-market in December 2016. The models Giulia and Giulia Ti followed in January 2017. In December, Fiat sold 29 Giulias in the US, while in January they sold 70. Finally, in February the company sold a mind-blowing 412 Giulias in the US. That’s more than 13 times the amount of the 4C.

While one has to be careful proclaiming such connections, one can at least partly credit The Grand Tour with this up in sales. Being one of the most popular shows on Amazon, TGT most definitely reaches a wide audience of petrolheads. After Clarkson’s review on the Giulia, many of them will probably think twice about making fun of the Alfa again.

The bright future of the Alfa Romeo Giulia

Although the Giulia’s predecessor, the 4C, has reportedly been one of the slowest selling cars in the US, the Giulia may have a bright future ahead. According to a test done by the Guilia excels its rivals like the BMW M3 or the Mercedes-AMG C63 S as “the best alrounder”. Because it proved surprisingly reliable and comes with a “breadth of capabilities” for Motortrend, it just crushed its competitors.

Anyway, if you want to see for yourself you can take a look at their road-test-video we linked down below. Did you buy a Alfa Romeo Giulia yourself yet or are you thinking about buying one? Let us know your opinion and experiences in the comments.

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  1. Dont get me wrong here, I am a fan of the show and it’s hosts. The GT didnt exactly give the 4C a very positive review. Maybe the Super Bowl ad has a little more to do with the sales numbers than anything else. Guaranteed that 90% of the Americans watching the SB had never heard of AC untill that ad aired. And Im also willing to bet that 99% of those viewers have never watched the new GT on Netflix.

  2. Supply of actual cars available for delivery is what explains the spike in sales, not Clarkson’s hagiography.

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