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The Grand Tour Episode 12: Did They Find The Loch Ness Monster?

This week on The Grand Tour, Jeremy stacks some beans, James drives exuberantly in a Bentley, and Richard insists that the Loch Ness monster is real. And no, we have no idea why that fake fox explodes…

The tent is back in Scotland this week, perched on the shores of Loch Ness. It has been hinted that the trio chose to stay in this location because they “found something” after last week’s show. The implication here is of course, the infamous Loch Ness monster, though neither Jeremy or James seem convinced. Perhaps this episode’s celebrity will face death by Nessie?

Meanwhile, the boys are taking a drive through Germany and Austria in three luxury SUVs. In traditional fashion, they seem to be on the lookout for towns which are, shall we say, uniquely named. Awkward names have appeared in past episodes of old Top Gear, with the English town of Penistone, Intercourse, Pennsylvania and a bridge over the River Kok all making appearances.

On this particular journey, Jeremy is driving the 2017 Range Rover Autobiography, the newest in a long line of extremely capable and luxuriously appointed SUVs from the brand. The Autobiography starts at just a shade over $140,000 and is equipped with a supercharged V8, producing 510 HP. With a huge list of standard bells and whistles, as well as an eye-watering optional extras list (which can push the price to $230,000+), the Range Rover will easily seat 5.

If you thought, however, that Jeremy’s Range Rover was the end-all-be-all of cost, luxury, and extravagance, take a look at James’ Bentley Bentayga. This twin-turbocharged V12 engine puts out 600 HP which, according to Bentley, makes the Bentayga the fastest SUV in the world. On the inside, it is bathed in only the finest “peeled cows” and can seat 4, 5 or 7, depending on the configuration. So, what would this little slice of heaven set you back? Just over $230,000 for the baseline model. This would perhaps explain why James refers to the other two as “plebs” (plebeians) or commoners in the trailer.

In stark contrast then, we have Hammond’s choice, the Jaguar F-Pace. Here we begin to understand perhaps why Jeremy is setting up his bean pyramids. Perhaps this is a visual representation of how the cars stack up in terms that Richard can understand, the can colors do match the cars rather nicely you’ll notice.

The Jag is smaller than the other two in every (important) way. The S model, which he is driving, puts out 380 HP from a 3.0-liter supercharged V6. It seats 4, and even though the luxury look is still there, you can tell Jaguar were more focused on giving it a sporty look. On the up side, the highest model starts at under $60,000.

On the Eboladrome this week, we’re back to Jeremy, driving the new Lexus GS F. This new luxury sedan is supposed to be their answer to the BMW M5 and Audi S6. With its 5 liter V8, we will see if it can live up to the competition, no doubt in the hands of The American.

That just leaves us with that poor, exploding, fake fox. Try as we might, this one will probably remain a mystery until the show airs on Friday. One thing we do know though, this wont help the animal community’s so far low opinion of the show. Controversy, thy name is Jeremy.

The Grand Tour rolls on…

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  1. Episode 12 reveals Nessie at the very end behind James in the water….Nessie’s back can be seen in the video, look close and it is there!!!!

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