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The Grand Tour Game Will Let You Play Through Each Episode

Nearly all new games will update themselves at some point after purchase. Whether it’s a patch to stop a bug, or a new package of cars to race around the Forza Horizon island, they come in their handfuls.

The Grand Tour Game will be slightly different in this regard. After each episode of Season 3, the game will update itself so you yourself an play through the episode you just watched. As well as this, the game will let you play through the previous seasons of The Grand Tour as well.


According to the Daily Mail, the game features power-ups to help you and hinder the players you’re competing against. For example, ‘texting’ makes it difficult for the competition to control their cars. The player can also collect ‘poo emojis’ wen driving in the preferred style.

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The writer of the article, Matt Porter, isn’t overly optimistic about the game, questioning its driving physics and overall quality. He also questions whether the developers will have enough time between episodes to create a good enough game once it’s being updated for Season 3. Of course, the episodes will be seen in advance, but we know for a fact that we see the episodes on Amazon not long after they’ve been finalised.

Let’s hope the game isn’t a disappointment…

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