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The Grand Tour ‘Homophobic’ Jokes From Colombia Special Sparks LOTS Of Anger

It’s no surprise that people have felt touchy about jokes that were made during The Grand Tour Colombia Special. Specifically, the jokes about Clarkson’s Jeep Wrangler being an icon of the LGBT community.

Singer Will Young accused the show of being homophobic after being insulted by the comments made about moisturising, lip stick, and the Wrangler. It’s along rant, maybe get yourself a cup of tea.


Obviously he felt quite strongly about the subject, and while everyone has a right to freedom of speech, we fail to see what really was so insulting about this episode. We have an article coming soon on the whole of the special episode where we will discuss this further, but no where during the episode did we think, “oh, that’s insulting to the LGBT community”.

He carries on…

So it looks as though Will Young is wanting to make a big deal out of this. We are unsure as to whether he actually has a legal case or not, but it doesn’t look like he wants to let this go.

So, do you think he has a point, or is he simply stirring the pot for a bit of Twitter fame? Let’s not forget, he is trying to promote his new podcast… He also mentions in his tweet how he’d love to work with Amazon in the future. No, surely this can’t be just a way of getting attention? Hmm.

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  1. Just a singer whos gone down I the charts whos trying to get noticed again and *trying to create a big publicity stunt… If he was that offended how come he carried on to watch the episode to the end???? Behave yrself

    1. OMG!!! I barely know who Will Young is but what a spoiled child. If you want to be treated like a gay man or just a man without a sexual orientation description, then stop acting like a spoiled princess. It’s 2019, nobody gives a flip if you’re straight, gay, bi or whatever else people can be today. The rest of the civilized world has evolved. “Coming Out” just isn’t the event or gut wrenching act it used to be. 99.999% of society doesn’t care about your private love life. If you haven’t noticed, the grand tour trio make fun of every walk of life. It’s what makes the show funny. I’m treated worse than any Gay person on the show dating back to the early days of Top Gear…I’m an American who is only good at herding bison. We’re also all fat, rude and drive massive under performing cars…please stop using your celebrity status to continue societies downward spiral of being overly sensitive and the ever popular internet emotion of the anonymously offended by the wetness of water and the possibility that gay men and women like Jeeps. Try a little laughter instead of the uncomfortable sensation of your panties in a wad. The world has real problems and this isn’t one of them. Please exercise your American 1st amendment rights and do the rest of us a favor…change the channel or stream something else if your delicate feelings can’t handle The Grand Tour antics that date back to when you were a happy guest promoting your career. Wait, I remember Will Young now…he’s the one that Hammond and May made fun of Jeremy being his boyfriend back in the early days of Top Gear…why wasn’t that offensive or did that fall under the “worlds most popular show promoting your career” homophobia category.

  2. Watching the show I knew the snowflakes were going to start huffing and puffing, and whining all over the place. This Will guy (whoever he is) obviously wants attention and sounds more like a spoiled child demanding to get their way, than a reasonable adult.
    I am part of LGBTQ+ and was not offended at all and laughed my ass off with them as usual. If you are a fan of the guys, you know how they are, and there is absolutely no offense meant.
    Grow up, and watch something else.

  3. Am I the only one who has the feeling Will Young was drunk when he went on his extended Twitter rant? It certainly reads that way.

  4. I thought it was funny. I do understand why some people get so upset in todays social culture though. There is a lot of propaganda and I see a stressed out society everywhere I go. As long as you don’t actually take stereotypes seriously, I really can’t see a problem. Does Clarkson and friends really take anything they say seriously? I mean they ARE entertainers and journalists and not the leader of a country or something.

  5. He’s carrying on like a hysterical drama queen. He needs to pull up his big girl knickers and stop being so bloody dramatic and over sensitive. Go find a sense of humour and lighten up Princess

  6. Will Young needs to grow up & quit using being gay as a reason to complain. Sure did not see him complaining when Clarkson, Hammond & May were joking about Jeremy Clarkson being in love with him when he was on Top Gear. As for Jeep Wranglers, there are a lot of comments about it being a women’s vehicle or a gays vehicle. I am a proud owner of a Wrangler, & no, I am not gay. I just don’t care what others think as they did not pay for it, I did. If you don’t like it, don’t ride in it. Plus, I know a lot of straight men that drive Wranglers also. As for Grand Tour, these guys have been doing this for years & if you don’t like it, either don’t watch or turn the sound off! I think Amazon would be doing a disservice to themselves & their subscribers if they connect themselves in any way with Will Young after that tyraid. Keep up the fun Grand Tour & Amazon. Love watching!

  7. These 3 amigo have been consistently out of touch and out of tune with today’s PC bull***t since they began 30? Years ago ..that’s why they have the fan base they have. They don’t set out to offend ,most of their speech is scripted, they are their own ironic p**stake of themselves. Turn on tune in or tune out. You have the control, they won’t miss a few viewers hellbent on being upset when the rest of the lgbtq community seem to laugh tongue in cheek. That’s how it’s meant and generally how nearly all have taken it.

  8. I own a Wrangler and not Gay….. and Not offended. Being offended by everything is the IN thing these days….you’re not cool if your not offended.

  9. As a gay man, not only do I have a sense of humour, I also know satire and I also can tell when something is contrived for entertainment purposes. When I noticed they were making jokes, I paid careful attention to see if at any point they if they were portraying anything related to homosexuality in a negative light. Yes, there was several stereotypical comments, like using pink or certain songs affiliated with gay culture. But you know what, most their stereotyping was based everything you probably see or hear in Priscilla Queen of the desert.
    Oh and my best friend, who is also gay, often joke about Jeeps, saying how nice they are, because Barbie drives one too. BTW I drive a MINI

  10. You can’t do anything these days without offending someone, you know what you get with Clarkson and Co. Sorry it’s the real world those sort of comments and leg pulling go on in thousand of places every day. Take them for what they are, instead of making a drama out of something and you can always press the off button. Mr young maybe you should look back at the jokes you shared when on top gear 10 years ago or is that okay when you have a album to plug?

  11. Way tooooooo sensitive, Will Young. A small bit of fun aimed at Jeremy, no one or anything else. Just grow up!!!

  12. ❄❄❄ generation! Nothing actually happens if something offends you!! I’m offended by the snowflake generation. I don’t go on a massive rant about it. Grow up!

  13. Almost seems like a get rich quick scheme. I don’t know anybody ( including a good number of my LGBT friends) that could/would get this upset by a few remarks like this. Just seems like another topic/case blown way out of proportion to make a lawsuit seem less outrageous. (I.e. He’s upset for the money)

  14. They said something wrong on The Grand Tour and now… OH NO!
    They’re getting a lot of media attention, and… OH NO!
    They spelled their names right!

  15. As a liberal, mellenial, gay man, I actually find this banter hilarious not offensive. I am so tired of my generation being overly offended at everything. There are far, far more important things to focus one’s energy on than this. Grow up.

  16. Calm down Will. We take things way to serious and need to stop that crap. The Jeep is an icon of the gay community. Queer as Folk it was always used as Brian’s main go to car. It was even referenced in the show a couple of times. I found the whole thing hallarious and I couldn’t stop laughing. Also my husband couldn’t stop laughing. They have nothing against the gay community and they are not being malicious to the gay community or anybody. We just need to stop being snow flakes and getting our feelings hurt so quick. By the way this is coming from a gay man if you couldn’t figure it out.

  17. This guys twitter account is “Listen to the HOMO SAPIENS podcast” where he pokes innuendo fun at sexual identity and then doesnt allow comedians to do the same. You Sir HOMO, are pathetic.

  18. I am offended at quite a bit on Amazon…. so I choose to not watch it. GT is 3 funny old men saying things that could be offensive to snowflakes, please don’t watch if you are easily triggered.

  19. Let’s stop the disproportionately strong reactions to completely harmless joking. They were not insulting gay men, they were not saying anything bad about anyone, they were just joking about some common stereotypes which is some of the most common fodder for comedy.

  20. Uhm…. iurggghhh…. this guy really is trying to get attention over the backs of the 3 amigos… Will Young??? Who the flying f**k is she???? Must be a b**ch on her period????

  21. Pretty much went on like a hysterical queen. If he wanted to portray a non stereotype, maybe less ranting would be a good start.

  22. This rant is it’s own parody. Seems like somebody’s trying real hard to be s victim.
    Some advice for Will: just enjoy the next time they insult every other category of people. It will be themselves most of all and above all.

  23. This is how you know you guys are doing a great job. This Will Young character seems to have a lot in common with the lady who was on the talk show the other day saying that eating meat promotes male dominance.

  24. Maybe if you find yourself being offended on the content of the show then you should seek counseling, there is definitely a deeper problem within yourself.

  25. I’m not a gay man, and I though the comments were unfortunate, which is to say not only were they tone deaf with regard to the hate and abuse the LGBT community has to take on a regular basis, they were also not funny. If you’re going to do edgy humor it should AT LEAST be humorous.

    I don’t think the Boys are homophobic, I do think they are out of touch.

  26. I’m gay and I thought it was hilarious. Will thinks that by blowing up the stereotypes that HE doesn’t drive a Jeep etc. he is crushing it… when honestly he is kind of reifying it. They constantly make awful and off color jokes that will provoke outrage… It’s 100% their schtick. They didn’t go out and say “goddamnit hammond I’m not a fucking faggot!” …. Jeremy played along and it was all obviously scripted jokes. It’s the humor their known for and I don’t see it as demeaning or negative….

    It’s similar to the issues folks had with Doctor Who a few weeks ago where a character came on, referenced his boyfriend, and was killed in an unrelated way… It’s not the stereotype of “Kill the Gays”… it was normalizing homosexuality to the point where they are on the same level of “able to live” as anyone else loll.

    I’m quite liberal and I feel this is just offense for no reason. If I believed they meant what they said about women, gays etc. I wouldn’t watch it lol. Rewatching some clips from old of an Audi and Jeremy being made fun of as it’s an “air hostess car” it’s the same. It’s sexist but is meant in jest and totally scripted.

  27. If you aren’t gay you really shouldn’t have much to say. As a gay man I found the jokes a bit stale. One joke was ok, two jokes was dumb. But I lost count and was just annoyed by it. I know these guys can be funnier than this.

  28. Some people just want to be offended. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical of him to think only gay men wear arseless chaps.

  29. As a truck driver I didn’t get upset about the murdering prostites gag as I know it’s them we are laughing at. Grow up and stop getting your knickers in a twist it’s just a tv show and TVs have a off switch if it’s not your cup of tea. Daisy Duke might of driven one and I am sure that very few gay men drive them but they do have a reputation probably due to another tv show or two. I think it’s great when people take the piss out of Clarkson, he so deserves it.

  30. I have LGBT friends who make comments like this all the time, they love the fact they can have a laugh at my expense, it has nothing to do with homophobia or any of that other bullshit. i do understand the need to help people “come out” and I full support anyone who is LGBT. however using a tv show too get attention and from what I just read threaten or even blackmail a company into giving you your own podcast so you don’t take legal action is the lowest or lows…

    P.s who is Will Young anyway, I’ve never heard of him

  31. What happened to the nice young boy who joked about throw cushions and fashion in his turn as the star in the reasonably priced car?

  32. If he’s seen the show before then you know what you’re getting with the guys, not many limits. This seems to be a classic example of someone looking for a reason to protest something. Find a different reason to be “relevant”.

  33. Will Young is entitled to express his views but usually Clarkson picks on Hammond and May. LGBTQIA+ viewers have the amazing power to reach for a remote and turn to another show.

  34. It’s all fun. In this over sensitive world can we not have a laugh about it. .Don’t like it don’t watch it simple

  35. I am a car crazy Gay man who adores the boys and their antics. I was not offended at all and enjoyed the episode immensely including the jokes.

    1. Take a look at the costumes worn at a pride parade and tell me that the LGBT community doesn’t have a sense of humor.

    2. If you can’t laugh at yourself no one can and we are all worth a laugh. This Will Young is exactly what’s wrong with the world today. Look-at-me look-at-me look-at-me. I’m raising awareness. Just stay in your house if you go out or watch television you may be offended buy someone’s joke or expression.

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