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The Grand Tour Is Officially Back With Season 5 – What We Know So Far

So The Grand Tour is back with Season 5 officially being filmed as we speak. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were each spotted alongside a film crew in Wales, and later England with three French cars, all before the recently filmed Scotland Special has been released.

But There Are Only Two Episodes In Season 4?

This is where it gets a bit strange. With the change in structure from a number of episodes per season to only a couple of special episodes a year, the lines between seasons are getting pretty hazy. In reality, there are no more seasons, with each special episode belonging entirely to itself. But The Grand Tour has always been contracted to a season per year, and with COVID getting in the way of the car show and pushing the release of the Madagascar Special further back, Season 4 was unfortunately spread over two years instead of one.

The Scotland Special episode, which is due later this year (I write as I cross my fingers), marks the start of Season 5. The upcoming episode, which is being filmed now, is the second half of that.

Although really, seasons of The Grand Tour don’t mean much anymore…

What Happened In Scotland?

Filming began in Scotland late last year after the release of the Madagascar Special, ‘A Massive Hunt’. It didn’t take long, maybe a week or so, and Clarkson revealed that the editing for the episode would only take “three months”. 

The Grand Tour team began their journey in Edinburgh, where from there, driving three classic American cars, they made their way slowly to the Outer Hebrides islands. James May is driving a red Cadillac, Richard is driving a green Buick, and Jeremy has a blue Lincoln. Along the way, they modified each of their cars, drag raced them, and were spotted towing three separate caravans, and even drove another set of classic muscle cars. 

Richard broke down in a ’70s Dodge Challenger, but also included in the set of new cars was a Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet Nova.

You can find out more about the 60-minute episode by clicking the big button below:

Everything We Know About The Scotland Special

What We Know So Far About The England Special / Most Recent Filming

Filming started on April 23 in Crickhowell, south Powys, Wales with Richard Hammond being filmed in a Renault Scenic. Surrounded by cameramen and the public, he continued to push a Citroen Saxo out of the way so he could make space for him to park on the side of the road. 

It’s very obviously staged, but despite this, someone who saw the video on Twitter alerted the police to what was going on, who responded with the following:

“Hi Philip, thanks for getting in touch. We are aware of some filming happening in and around this area at the moment, but thanks for letting us know.”

Later on, Clarkson was seen in Wales near the Metropole Hotel where they were known to be staying driving a Citroen CX. 

In England

Clarkson, Hammond, and May were seen a day later in Leamington Spa, England, and the surrounding area. Richard Hammond is seen driving a Talbot-Matra Murena sports car, and James May a Renault Avantime MPV. Reports state that they disrupted the local area, added to the traffic on the roads, and received complaints because of this. 

Jeremy Clarkson Swaps Cars To Mike Brewer’s Citron SM

Most recently, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were seen driving a Citroen SM in Beachy Head, Eastbourne, owned by Wheeler Dealer star Mike Brewer. 

James was seen watching them while wearing a bright orange puffer jacket. 

We don’t know what’s happening here, but with the trio being followed by a large film crew, including a helicopter, we’re expecting a large production as they drive their cars through the beautiful English countryside. 

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  1. I wish they would bring back the smaller challenge episodes and actual car reviews. The specials are great and all but they lose their whimsy when you don’t see these guys doing actual car reviews.

  2. They need to get out of Amazon, this company is killing them. They need to start with other company that really care for them, and get more episodes, and get back the tent. People need more of the old style for real entertainment

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