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The Grand Tour: Job Opening To Work With Clarkson, Hammond and May

The Grand Tour team warns of “grumpy individuals” as they advertise a job opening for the Amazon Prime Video show to work alongside Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

Jeremy Clarkson had his contract cancelled from the BBC and Top Gear after his ‘fracas’ between himself and producer Oisin Tymon in 2015 after an argument over steak. Hence why the job post states the following for a successful applicant:

“must be persuasive with grumpy officials at three in the morning, and must be authoritative and charming enough to lead a team that already knows what it’s doing.”

The job description also asks for “experience of handling the logistics for big and complex foreign road-trip-style shoots,” according to the Mirror.

We can’t find the job listing currently but will update this article when we do.

Jeremy Clarkson has only just admitted that the next episode of The Grand Tour is ready to go, so we expect that to be unveiled sometime soon on Amazon Prime. However, he also admitted that, due to the Coronavirus, all other filming is currently on hold thanks to the issues with international travel. We’re sure the possible two-week quarantine also puts them off the idea.

This, alongside the trio’s previous health concerns, has led them to put everything on hold until the talk of viruses soothes.

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