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The Grand Tour Opening Scene: GTA V Style

Grand Theft Auto V, in its short three years of existence, has quickly become one of the more powerful film-making tools for those wanting to use a video game for footage. I remember when Halo used to be king of that with Red vs Blue, but recently we have gotten a string of awesome recreations using the GTA V engine. Today, we bring one that hits even closer to home.

Remember the awesome opening sequence from the first episode, where the boys hurtled through the California desert in a Fisker Galpin Rocket, a Shelby GT350R, and a Roush Stage 3? Well, feast your eyes upon this GTA V recreation by JackUltraGamer. It’s extremely well done, and even features a few differences that add to the humor a bit.

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For starters, Jeremy looks like a UCLA frat boy, or rather, a “yobbo,” if we’re going to stick with TGT talk. Richard is also wearing a monkey mask and James…well James just looks a bit off. Pay attention to the part where the other 2 cars reveal themselves from behind Jeremy’s; James also crashes into him and ends the sequence before it even starts. Looks like Captain Slow might have some unchecked aggression issues.

There also appears to be a random guy with a rocket launcher at 2:07, a biker getting obliterated at 2:24, a guy driving into a plane 2:52, and starting at 2:16, the video essentially turns into a demolition derby. It’s pretty hilarious. Check out the video and enjoy!

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