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The Grand Tour: Richard Hammond Believes This Was The Best Time For Car Show To Return

Despite filming of The Grand Tour in Madagascar being completed earlier in the year, the editing of the 90-minute long episode was pushed back with the A Massive Hunt only being released this month. Despite this, Richard Hammond is sure this was the perfect time for the episode to be released.

After Andy Wilman caught Covid earlier this year, the release date was pushed back massively for the trio’s treasure hunt. Jeremy Clarkson even admitted multiple times that he wasn’t happy with how far it had been pushed back and the effect this had on fans, but in a recent interview with, Hammond explained why this was the right time.

He said: “[It’s] great to have got it there and a great time to be able to deliver it.”

The series returned to a mixed response from the media, but a positive response from the majority of fans who were happy to see it back on their screens. However, fans are still annoyed with how long they have had to wait between episodes. Now, with a long wait promised before we get the next episode which has been confirmed to be set in Scotland, fans are waiting for an excuse to voice their anger.

Hammond continued:

“Fact of the matter is we’re all desperate for a bit of escape, all of us are.

“To be able to switch something on which in so many ways is an escape, is where we’ve been lucky.”

He explained: “Because we did provide an escape, not just geographically, but also into different societies, very different places and the way they work.

“Even the fantasy element of getting to do stuff with cars in place we wouldn’t get to do in normal life.

“You escape not just lockdown constraints but commercial constraints. We invite you into our stupid, crazy occasional world.

“When we step into our ridiculous bubble it’s a great place to be, and I hope people like to come in there with us.”

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