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Former Ferrari Chairman Questions Team’s Response to Belgian Grand Prix Outcome

Luca di Montezemelo's Critique Sparks Dialogue on Ferrari's Performance and Values

Former Ferrari Chairman Criticizes Team’s Reaction to Belgian Grand Prix Result

In a surprising turn of events, former Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemelo has expressed his disapproval of the Maranello-based team’s response to their recent third-place finish at the Belgian Grand Prix. This critical stance from a prominent figure within the Formula 1 community has ignited discussions about the team’s performance and mindset.

The current Formula 1 season has witnessed Ferrari struggling to maintain the level of competitiveness they showcased in the 2022 season. Their performance has dipped, and they find themselves residing in the fourth position within the constructors’ standings, accruing a total of 191 points. This outcome marks a noticeable deviation from their prior success.

Throughout the course of the season, Ferrari has managed to secure only three podium finishes, an achievement that pales in comparison to their previous standards. Notably, driver Charles Leclerc has been responsible for these podium finishes. He clinched two third-place positions in both the Belgian and Azerbaijani Grand Prix races. Additionally, Leclerc’s skillful driving led to a second-place finish in the Austrian Grand Prix.

During a recent interview with Quotidiano Sportivo, di Montezemelo candidly conveyed his disappointment with the team’s reaction to their third-place finish. He was critical of the team for seemingly celebrating a lower-tier result, which he believes contradicts the ethos of a team with a storied legacy like Ferrari.

“Do you know what I find unfortunate? That they are now cheering for third place, like at Spa.

“That’s not the way Ferrari is, and the Old Man [Enzo Ferrari] would never have accepted that, never.

“Ferrari taught me a lot. As an example, he taught me never to settle.”

Di Montezemelo invoked the legacy of Enzo Ferrari himself, emphasizing how differently the team was managed during his tenure. This highlights the historical and cultural significance of Ferrari within the realm of Formula 1. The former chairman’s remarks open up discussions about the team’s values and aspirations, prompting both fans and experts to reflect on the team’s identity and ambitions.

“After a win, he was always thinking about the next race. At the same time, it was hard work. Enzo hated holidays. In August, he kept me in the office, he was not a supporter of those who went on holiday in August.

“He made me understand that Ferrari is an emotion that holds human and social value in its industry, it is a symbol of research and innovation. As president, between 1991 and 2014, I tried to be faithful to his lesson.”

The criticism offered by di Montezemelo brings into focus the complex dynamics within the team. It underscores the challenges and expectations faced by Ferrari as they strive to regain their status as a frontrunner in the sport. The constructive criticism serves as a reminder that achieving greatness in Formula 1 requires more than just results; it demands a commitment to excellence and a resolute pursuit of victory.

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