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The Grand Tour Unscripted: Surprise “Incident” Forces Episode 5 Filming To a Halt

Here’s a little Monday guessing game for you all; in the video here, Jeremy says that something “unexpected” had just occurred which will force the team to wrap up the shoot as soon as possible. Want to take a guess at what that incident is?

Says Clarkson: “We’re not going to tell you what just happened obviously because you’ll have to watch the show. But.. it was unexpected and everyone will say ‘oh you set that up!’ Well now you see we really didn’t.” It’s actually pretty obvious what they’re talking about; most likely they’re referring to the scene where Richard’s Mazda MX-5 slips off the weighing platform.

In the interview video, Richard can be seen exclaiming “Everything’s wrecked!” Yeah, it’s starting to seem more and more like the MX-5.


For those who don’t remember, in the latest episode, the boys were arguing over who’s car was the lightest. Jeremy decided to “build” a weighing machine overnight, and after using a variety animals as counterweights (both live and dead), the cast and crew ran into the issue of getting Richard’s MX-5 off the platform. After a bunch of weight shifting shenanigans, the MX-5’s rear wheels slipped off the platform and ruined the rear bumper.

Richard did not seem pleased with the result, and left in a cloud of dirt and smoke. So, do you think that’s the incident that Jeremy was referring to? let us know in the comments and on our Facebook page!

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  1. Would seem to me it wasn’t necessarily that the car fell of the scale so much as the scale itself broke. Thankfully no appendages were under there at the moment of failure. That seemed like a big “holy $h!t” moment for everyone in that scene.

  2. I expect it has something to do with May’s injury out there. It reminds me of the old TG middle east special when May fell over and had to get hospitalized for a few days, or when he fell of a horse getting fuel in Burma. He’s probably been catastrophically injured so they had to stop filming to get him to a hospital.

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