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The Grand Tour Wales Special: What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Episode

With The Grand Tour revealing that a new trailer for the next Wales / England special is coming in a mere two days, we thought we’d put together everything we know about the upcoming episode.

Filming Begins In Wales

Filming of the episode began in late April earlier this year in Wales, specifically Crickhowell, South Powys. Richard Hammond was spotted driving a Renault Scenic, and while being filmed by the surrounding cameramen, he crashed into a number of parked cars in an attempt to park.

Passers-by were able to pull out their phones and record what went down:

Funnily enough, despite being obviously staged with the action being surrounded by large cameras, the police were still alerted. They gave the following quote on Twitter:

“Hi Philip, thanks for getting in touch. We are aware of some filming happening in and around this area at the moment, but thanks for letting us know.”

After this initial run of filming, Jeremy was seen later driving a Citroen CX near the Metropole Hotel, still in Wales.

Filming Continues Is England

A day later, the famous trio was seen filming in Leamington Spa, a town in the West Midlands of England. Jeremy was seen driving the CXfrom before and he was joined by Richard Hammond driving a Talbot-Matra Murena and James May driving a Renault Avantime MPV.

With news of their filming spreading like wildfire, the local area was soon full of fans trying to get in on the action, causing huge traffic jams across the area. It’s safe to say, they received quite a few complaints over this.

Jeremy Clarkson Drives Mike Brewer’s Citroen SM. 

Since their filming in Leamington, Jeremy was photographed filming with a classic Citroen SM in Beachy Head, Eastbourne with Richard sat in the passenger seat. After some research, we found that this car actually belonged to Mike Brewer, but it has since been put up for auction.

James, while not in the car, was seen close by.

Judging by the sheer size of the camera crew and the fact that they were being followed by a helicopter, we expect this to be a huge production.

The Grand Tour Trio Deemed “Litter Louts”

At the end of April, a video was uploaded to social media by Mark Easthope which showed the aftermath of the team filming in Powys. After filming, it looked as though the team left car parts thrown across a field including bumper pieces, headlights, and mirrors. Obviously, they were filming something of high action with plenty of destruction, but they’d forgotten to clear up when they’d finished.

The Grand Tour was tagged, and the video picked up a lot of traction as the retweets and likes started rolling in.

Executive producer Andy Wilman quickly released a statement about this and the mess was cleared up quickly:

“I wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re litter louts who just come to the countryside and use it as a playground, because we absolutely don’t do that.

“It happened on our watch. It wasn’t our policy to turn our backs on whatever we do. We had a system in place, in cooperation with the landowner, and it was a mistake rather than a cavalier attitude.

“Even though it was a genuine oversight and not an act of disregard for our surroundings, he (Mr Easthope) was right to kick off.”

The tweets have since been deleted, but Easthope thanked the team for acting quickly and efficiently.

“Thank you to #AndyWilman and @thegrandtour for taking responsibility and apologising,” he posted.

“After my walk today I’m glad to report that this has now been cleared up, so again #ThankYou.”

Trailer Release Date

This morning, The Grand Tour published a photo to their social media with a clue of when the next trailer will be dropping for the upcoming episode.

Zooming in on the image, you’ll see the date 25 November, confirming that the trailer will be released in two days time.

Who’s excited?

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