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Toyota Supra Fed Steroids With New Zacoe Performance Widebody

The new Toyota Supra was undoubtedly a car that many of us were highly anticipating. When the car was finally revealed to the public, it was received with mixed responses across the board. There were fake vents that were apparently for aftermarket use, according to Toyota. And the similarity between it and the BMW Z4 took away the individuality of the car. But now, a widebody kit has been revealed by Zacoe Performance, and it gives the Supra plenty of individuality. And plenty of real vents.

The widened Supra now appears much more overpowering, and there are plenty of details on the kit with intricate curves and flowing lines. The Supra now features a splitter below the nose and a hood that has been transformed from mostly flat to a sculpted mass of bulges and vents. Its flares are pumped up on steroids, and the rear is given a huge wing to balance the design.

Look down from the wing and the width of the car is accentuated, plus a diffusor breaks up the matt green and only adds to how evil this thing looks.

What do you think? Does this give the Supra enough of a leg up over the Z4?

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