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The Grand Tour Weekly Reddit Review: A Sleeping James, Jeremy Eats a Veggie Burger, and More!

One of the best places to find all sorts of stuff related to The Grand Tour, especially when we’re in the middle of a dry spell as far as new episodes are concerned, is Reddit. The Grand Tour’s subreddit is a great place for fans to get together, discuss new episodes and news, and post all sort of funny stuff related to the boys. In fact, even your favorite Grand Tour fansite has their own subreddit (that’s us)!

With that being said, let’s look back through the week and see what posts from The Grand Tour subreddit were worth a second look!

Shocking Footage Of MI6 Agent Carrying Out Political Assassination In Turkey [NSFL]

Here’s one from u/WingedBadger. It’s like watching a lost James Bond film with groundbreaking special effects. And whoever is playing the victim deserves an Oscar.

From Jeremy’s Instagram


Nothing like some good-natured insults between good friends. To be honest, there’s something graceful about a sleeping James…

Captain WOKE


I don’t really have much to add to this except for the fact that I chuckled when I saw it. A lot.

A Commercial Directed By Jeremy Clarkson

From u/Pwatkins30. This commercial is so Jeremy, that I am actually shocked that it wasn’t entirely a creation of his. Or was it? I guess we’ll never know.

Richard Hammond Was Almost Fired From Top Gear

From u/kendokoluszki. It turns out that way back in the day following the first series of Top Gear, the BBC did not want Hammond back. After Dawes left and was replaced by James May however, Richard remained. Interesting!

Jeremy Clarkson Tries the Meat Free “Impossible Burger”

From u/Redmoon11. Nothing too shocking here; it turns out that the “Impossible Burger,” which is a veggie burger, tastes nothing like a meat burger. Shock and awe. Although I will say this; the vegan chorizo from Trader Joe’s tastes more like real chorizo than real chorizo does, so it can be done.

Jeremy’s Favorite Museum


Because Jeremy likes hammers, get it? In all seriousness, I did not know such a thing existed, and actually wouldn’t mind visiting it one day. I’m a sucker for useless knowledge, and this looks like the perfect sort of thing to fill my brain with facts that no one else cares about.

Reason For Being in Colorado, Possible New Segment Called “Discover Geography”


It would be interesting to see if this plays out as a new segment. Being a relatively new show, I wouldn’t put it past the producers to try some different segments for Season 2, especially since certain segments like Celebrity Brain Crash didn’t work all that well for Season 1.

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