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Richard Hammond’s Big Begins Tonight! – Episode Guide

Richard Hammond is starting a whole new series on the Discovery Channel starting tonight (January 15) called Richard Hammond’s BigIt will see him travelling the globe to get behind-the-scenes looks at the largest structures and machines on Earth, gaining insight on the science that is ‘big’. The Grand Tour presenter will talk to engineers who work on these huge structures and delve into what it’s like to work on these incredible machines.

Each episode will take Hammond somewhere new, for example a huge cargo ship, the longest underground tunnel in the world, and much, much more. He will go in search of the the tiny that makes the huge possible.

Episode 1 – World’s Largest Car Factory

Volkwagen’s huge automated car factory in Wolfsburg, Germany starts Hammond’s journey as he looks into how the mega structure is able to churn out the massive number of cars it’s able to.

Episode 2 – Super Galaxy Plane

The US gives Hammond the lay of the land in the form of the country’s biggest cargo plane called the C-5M Super Galaxy. He gets the chance to find out why it’s so record breaking, and how it’s maintained.

Episode 3 – Austria’s Kölnbrein Dam

Hammond explores one of the world’s largest dams in Austria. It’s one of the largest man-made objects to ever be built, and can hold up to 200 million tonnes of water.

More episodes will become available in the future, so check back here or on the Discovery UK website for more info.


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