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The Grand Tour: Wikipedia Hints At November Release Date

So it was confirmed a week or so ago that The Grand Tour Madagascar Special wasn’t being released on the 4th of September. I personally even got an email from The Grand Tour’s PR team confirming this, and that they have not confirmed a date. I repeat, The Grand Tour’s very own PR team has told me that they have not confirmed a release date yet, however they say it will be later this year.

But… if you go onto Wikipedia, the Madagascar Special is included under the episode list, and the site has published a release date of November 6. You can see it below:

The thing is, we all know Wikipedia isn’t overly trustworthy, so let’s not hold our breath, but it’s a date we can look forward to at least. Especially as we’ve been given no information from Amazon or The Grand Tour itself. So, let’s continue through the month and keep pushing forward through this difficult time and we’ll let you know if we hear anything from the guys in charge. But for now, I must make it clear that Amazon has not confirmed this in any way. Shame.

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