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This 1957 Willys FC-150 Has Been Fully Restored To A Glorious Quirky State

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know about Willys, the precursor to Chrysler’s Jeep brand, that at one point was right up there with Ford as one of America’s top car manufacturer.

This 1957 Willy FC-150 pickup may get you interested in the now defunct company however. It’s been beautifully restored to its original state, and is going up for auction at Mecum’s Indy event next month.

This “Forward Control” model has an engine that actually sits behind the seats, where your inner-elbow would rest. That engine, a Jeep CJ 4-cylinder, 72 HP F-head Hurricane engine, sits on a CJ-5 chassis as well. In fact, this is basically a CJ with a more unique body that includes a 6-foot bed and 81″ wheel-base.

Despite it being over 60 years old, it has only 40k miles on the odometer, and even comes with original papers and brochures. After being restored in 2013, it has only driven 200 miles!

The FC-150 has been kitted with an “All-Range” overdrive in addition to its 3-speed transmission. It also has 4-wheel drive, something not so common for half-ton trucks from the 50s.

These cuties are really rare, and sought after by Jeep collectors. Back in the day, Willy FCs were adapted into all sorts of civilian and military applications. There were ambulance and snow plow versions, and everything in between.

If you think you want to pick it up, head over to Mecum’s website, and as always, get your finances in order before the July 10-18 event.

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