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That Time Jeremy Built A Bomb Out Of A Chicken

If you best know Jeremy Clarkson from his work on Top Gear and The Grand Tour, you’d be forgiven for not knowing that two years prior to the first of his two sensational car shows, BBC Two actually gave him a talk show of his own, in which he interviewed celebrities, musicians and the like. But it wasn’t all talking to boring rich people who were in a movie once – they needed some variety. And what would a talk show be without some lighthearted improvised incendiary devices?

Proving his affinity for wanton destruction began long before Top Gear toasted Nissans with jet engines and pianos mysteriously rained down upon unsuspecting Morris Marinas, he showed he knew how to build a bomb or two on his show, simply called Clarkson.

He set out to solve a very real and pressing problem: what do you do if you’re having a dinner party and you want to talk with guests instead of spend the evening handing out kebabs? The answer, in his mind, was simple – load them into a melon, wrap them in tinfoil and matches, then turn the stove gas on and hope for the best.

Naturally, he didn’t stop there. What if you want to launch an entire chicken onto the table? After all, the hallmark of a great meal is creative and dramatic presentation of the main course. All you need is hairspray, a garbage can, and some bananas!

Wasn’t that delightful? Now I kind of want Amazon to relaunch Clarkson as a companion show to The Grand Tour. I wonder if launching chickens works as well with a modern induction stove.

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