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Top Gear Dog: Mindy Hammond On Losing Friend

If you all recall, we said goodbye to Top Gear Dog a few weeks ago. Not only was she the beloved pet of the Hammond family, but the Top Gear viewing public knew her as well from the number of episodes she was a part of.

Mindy Hammond now shares her thoughts on TG’s passing, along with some other tidbits on the life of TG, including her devotion to Richard after his horrific car crash.

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If you recall, Hammond was involved in a terrible car crash in 2008 while piloting a dragster named the Vampire. The Vampire is capable of traveling at speeds up to 370 MPH, and Richard was going 288 MPH when the crash occurred.

Accounts stated that the front right tired had failed and the car went onto the grass where it spun over and over before coming to a stop. Richard suffered brain injuries and has on occasion talked about his recovery process and effects of the injury.

“She was the naughtiest, fluffiest pup, who took months to house-train and chewed through all four legs of the kitchen table along with all six chairs. She wouldn’t walk on the lead; she simply bounced with that irrepressible smile plastered all over her face. Never did a dog embrace life as she did.

After Richard had his accident, TG was with him when he was recovering, always desperate to lie next to his bed, her tail wagging incessantly and often waking him while he was trying to sleep. She couldn’t help herself – her joy at being reunited had to be demonstrated.

Tidgers had always been car sick (ironic as she was the Top Gear dog) and on days when she was needed in the studio, I would drive her the three to four hours from home while she sat in the passenger seat and drooled on my lap.”

The remainder of Mrs. Hammond’s is a beautiful farewell to TG, which I won’t repost here. It’s tear jerking and hits more than close to home for those of us that have had to say good bye to pets. Let’s just say after reading Mrs. Hammond’s piece, I went and gave my three dogs a hug, right after which one of them kicked me right in the plums.

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