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Twin-Supercharged Ferrari Drift Car Explodes Immediately

A few years ago, the Ferrari 458 decided it enjoyed doing this thing where it would blow up when it was hot out. More specifically, the glue in the rear wheelarches would catch fire, and that fire would then move about a foot inward to the engine bits, which would trigger a much larger and less nice fire. Ferraris have largely been combustion-free since then, but this awesome twin-supercharged 599 drift build is looking to change that.

The highly-hyped V12 drift behemoth, nicknamed “Fiorella,” had been totally problem-free in its initial testing and practice laps; but in its first round, however, it succumbed to its internal Ferrari-ness and blew up, immediately. The halftime show reported that the Ferrari snapped a wheel mount knuckle, and the fire resulted from some pinched cables after the car locked up and slid into a wall. The driver, Federico Sceriffo, thankfully escaped unscathed, and even made time to make some choice gestures towards the car.

Thankfully, there does exist some good footage of the car shredding tires and putting its 900 horsepower to good use down below. All in all, a predictable first outing, I’d say.

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