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Watch James May And Richard Hammond Bicker Over Poached Eggs

We’ve grown accustomed to James May’s love of cooking as FoodTribe‘s Bugout Bunker has been throttled forward into full use. But until now, no one has joined James May except for the director/cameraman, and Lucy who manages content on the DriveTribe and FoodTribe websites. For this video, the Hamster has joined Captain Slow, and of course, hilarity ensues.

James’ challenge of the day is to create the perfect poached egg for Hammond who, as we know, is rather picky about his food. Using a piece of technology from the 1900s (a pan with some plastic cups in it), May begins his perfectly cooked poached egg recipe. But with Hammond complaining that his attempt just isn’t good enough, quickly picks up a pan and goes about teaching May how it’s supposed to be done.

Before long, they’re both bickering and jabbing at each other about their cooking skills with James complaining about Hammond’s eggs tasting of vinegar, and Hammond complaining about May’s eggs being undercooked. It’s like watching an old married couple who have never been strong enough to bring up the subject of divorce!

After some toing and froing, they eventually have their finished eggs ready to eat, albeit on burnt toast. Surprise surprise, James likes his own, as does Hammond. They can’t agree, while to be honest, both examples look great. Now we’re hungry for egg on toast and Hammond and May are at each other’s throats. It’s a lose-lose situation, but hey, we have to keep ourselves entertained while we wait for the next episode of The Grand Tour.

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