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What Is Jeremy Clarkson’s Net Worth In 2020?

I’d bet that there isn’t a household out there that doesn’t know of Jeremy Clarkson. He’s brought the world the Top Gear we know and love, and now his empire is expanding with not only The Grand Tour and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? to his name, but now a farming show called “I Bought The Farm“, which is expected to be released later this year. On top of this, he owns a percentage of the company DriveTribe alongside Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy Wilman, which is also expanding rapidly with a reported 11.4m visitors per month.

Jeremy Clarkson

It’s no shock to hear that Jeremy Clarkson is extremely wealthy, but just what is his net worth?

It’s reported that his net worth is up there at a lip clenching £48.4m, with a large proportion of this from the sale of a percentage of the rights to Top Gear to the BBC for around £16m. On top of this, the first season of The Grand Tour reportedly made profits of £8m after Clarkson, Hammond, and May signed on for three seasons at £160m. Now on its fifth season, The Grand Tour may be slowing down to only two episodes per season compared to the original 13, but their fan base is unstoppable and extremely engaged.

Now, the ex-Top Gear presenter owns a farm in Oxfordshire which he’s named Diddly Squat Farm. On this land, Clarkson also owns a farm shop by the same name. His five-bedroom cottage on 312-acres of Cotswolds land was purchased for £4.25 million in 2012, but since then he’s blown it up for an episode of The Grand Tour and is currently rebuilding it into a three-storey mansion with six bedrooms.

Currently, the car show presenter is reportedly earning £15m per year, and before leaving the BBC was the highest-paid star on its payroll.

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