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The Grand Tour Begins Filming Caravan Challenge In Scotland

We’ve already brought you details about Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May beginning filming for the next episode of The Grand Tour in Scotland, but we’ve been doing more research and it looks as though they’ve got a challenge on their hands. They’ve been spotted with not only three classic American cars, but these cars are hauling modified caravans.

Clarkson is driving a blue Lincoln, with a caravan painted the same colour trailing behind him. Richard Hammond is driving a green Buick, but from the images it seems though his caravan is largely stock from the outside at least. James May is behind the wheel of a red Cadillac, and his caravan has been painted white with black spots like a cow. This cow-themed caravan also has a large udder at the rear, not shown in the photos below.

These photos were taken in the Scottish Highlands (Glentruim Estate), where they’ve been driving for the past day or so. They also stayed a night at the Atholl Palace hotel, a four-star hotel in Pitlochry. Rumours suggest that the trio will be driving from Edinburgh to the Hebrides, but this is yet to be confirmed.

so what are we in store for? A budget caravan challenge that we miss so much from the Top Gear days? Or maybe something a little more extravagant? Whatever it is, we’re very excited, and can’t wait to learn more as more details become available.

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