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Wiesmann Returns, With Fresh BMW Running Gear

[Pictured: Not the new Wiesmann. It doesn’t yet exist.]

Wiesmann, previously-bankrupt-but-not-anymore German carmaker, has announced they’ve signed a deal with BMW to supply V8 engines for a new line of roadsters which are probably very ugly but drive very nicely.

Wiesmann’s previous cars were powered by BMW mills ranging from straight sixes to the famed M5 V10, which matched the character of the cars very well. They were famously good to drive too, despite coming from a small, newly-minted company; Jeremy Clarkson loved the old MF3 on Top Gear, even calling it a British sports car in spirit–high praise from a purist. Despite the hilariously skinny tires, miniscule springs, and utterly bare interior, the MF3 achieved a terrific level of performance and comfort:

Aside from an expected release date of sometime in 2018, there aren’t any stats or figures about the car to speak of. Wiesmann last filed for bankruptcy in 2013, and we haven’t heard a peep since. Given that used Wiesmanns trade for around the price of a new Audi R8, there’s still decent demand in the marketplace, probably a driving factor behind the company’s decision to reform. Perhaps BMW will just buy them outright and they won’t have to worry about bankruptcy anymore! Or, you know, disappear completely.

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