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Doug DeMuro Reviews The Pagani Huayra Roadster – $3 Million Supercar

Our favourite automotive quirk-finder is back, and this time, Dough DeMuro has gotten his hands on the gorgeous Pagani Huayra Roadster to review.

He explains how he has previously reviewed the Huayra Coupe, but this convertible version weighs much less than that. The Roadster weighs 2,800lbs, about 250lbs lighter than the hard top. The horsepower sits at a ridiculous 750bhp, and the torque at 760lb ft. 0-60mph comes and goes in about 3 seconds, and of course, it’s worth at least $3 million.

Doug’s earlier review of the Coupe covers all the quirks and features (below), but this video still goes over a number of differences between the two models. For example, the car is badged with ‘Roadster’ many, many times on things like the wheels, the dashboard, the door, the door latch, and speakers.

Another thing he spots is one of the reasons behind its low weight. The doors on the Coupe are gull wings, adding both complexity and weight. The doors on the Roadster are normal, simple doors, saving weight. Oh, and you unlock these doors via a Huayra-shaped key which is shaped in the same way as the car and is Pagani branded. This key looks a lot like a key from Mercedes Benz, and looking closely, there’s evidence that the Huayra shape of the key actually just fits over a standard key fob from the German marque. No wonder they make you drive to a service centre to replace the key’s battery – they don’t want you finding that out yourself!

The interior of the car is exquisite, and as Doug shows you around the monumental amounts metal and carbon fibre you very quickly understand why this car is classed as a piece of art, over a motor vehicle. It’s aviation-meets-motoring sat inside this car on soft red leather, and everything reeks of high quality and class, especially the exposed shifter linkage. The car even measures its engine use in hours, just like a plane…

…Anyone got a few million I can borrow?

And take a look at that AMG v12 and the exhaust design. It’s really something special, matching the rest of the car.

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