The Grand Tour

Will The Grand Tour Race into Australia in time for the Premiere?

One of the biggest reasons CEO, Jeff Bezos, went $250 million in on the former hosts of the biggest television show in the world is because he wants to go after the world.

Currently, there are only a few countries that will be showing The Grand Tour through Amazon’s instant video service – United States, United Kingdom, German, Austria and Japan. That’s not much if you’re going after the world. countires-amazon-video-prime-instant

With the premiere date a little over a month away, Australia looks to be in line to be the next country to add Amazon Instant Video, according to

“Clarkson, Hammond and May have a significant following in Australia and I’m already detecting interest in people wanting to check out The Grand Tour,” Knox said.
“If it’s not available here as part of a global launch then we would expect some people resort to other methods to sample it.

“If Amazon Prime plans to launch here then The Grand Tour will attract the most buzz in the immediate future, so it is an ideal marketing opportunity.” – David Knox, TV Commentator

As Netflix continues to dominate the land down under, the obvious strategy here is that Amazon is using The Grand Tour to enable it’s trojan horse, Amazon Prime, so that it can monetize off their true business of e-commerce and merchant exchange.

Whatever happens, we know that there are a ton of TGT fans that want to watch the boys cause some trouble and let’s hope Amazon can get through all the red tape to make that happen.

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