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Zenos is Looking for Investors Despite The Grand Tour Episode 5 Exposure

Some of you may remember a little orange and black roofless sports car in episode 5 of The Grand Tour. The one that James May drove and absolutely loved.

Unfortunately, tough times have fallen upon them and they are now in the hands of administrators and are looking for people to invest with them.


A lot of you may not know who Zenos is and I don’t blame you because up until it’s co-star slot on episode 5 I didn’t have a clue they existed either. So, who are they? Well back in 2012 a couple of guys who worked for Caterham decided they wanted to make their own street-legal track cars.

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What came of their efforts is called the Zenos E10. The E10 is built with carbon-fiber and powered by a 200 horsepower Ford motor. There is no radio or air conditioning, there isn’t even a roof. It’s just a bare-bones extremely lightweight sports car.  Later, Zenos came out with a turbocharged E10 S with 250 horsepower, followed by a 350 horsepower Focus RS powered E10 R. Packages for these little rockets start at around $39,500 and go up to around $49K. Zenos also had plans for a soft-top E11 and a coupe version E12 but now the future is a bit clouded with hard times.

So if you find yourself loaded with more money than you know what to do with OR you have a bit extra laying around and want to help make what could be a market changing automaker back up on to their feet, well Zenos needs you!

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