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Jeremy Clarkson Punching Of Top Gear Producer: James May Reveals The Reason Why

James May has yet again defended his co-star Jeremy Clarkson for the “fracas” that resulted in his contract not being renewed by the BBC. The infamous 2015 incident ended Top Gear as we knew it and prompted James May and Richard Hammond to turn in their resignations. The argument subsequently started over not having hot food at their lodging after a long day of shooting. 

The Fracas ended with Jeremy Clarkson punching producer Oisin Tymon in the face and ultimately led to Clarkson giving him damages of £100,000, and losing his Top Gear baby. James May recently commented on this incident when being interviewed for his new cooking show, ‘Oh Cook‘.

The Grand our presenter told, “we have very long days when we’re doing our specials.” He continues: “So when we’re ready to eat we probably do get quite… not bad-tempered but insistent, let’s say, about having something.”

This insistence resulted in the end of the most popular motoring show in history. Top Gear today is a very different show to Clarkson’s era, but the BBC is making efforts to push it back to the top. Top Gear has been moved from BBC 2 to BBC 1, something Jeremy and the crew failed to do at the time. Although the ratings are improving after the show moved on from the Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc fronted series fiasco, Top Gear is still taking criticism from fans. With the Grand Tour further delaying the release of the Madagascar and Scotland Specials, fans are wondering where to go. 

There is some good news that Jeremy and James are both producing new Amazon Originals, but they have nothing to do with cars. James May is on the edge of releasing a new cooking show named ‘Oh Cook’, and Clarkson is putting the finishing touches to his new farming show, ‘I Bought The Farm’. While fans are looking forward to these shows, they are starting to question why so much time is being put into additional projects while The Grand Tour is suffering from lack of episodes.  

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