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The Queen of the Ring goes from 48th to 4th in One Lap

Sabine Schmitz never fails to impress (other than her stint as one of the hosts of Top Gear). Her prowess behind the wheel at the Nurburgring is virtually unmatched, as evidenced by numerous features on Top Gear, but her racing acumen is just as sharp. We have some video proof right here.

Here is a video from Sabine’s Porsche 911 GT3 R onboard camera from the Frikadelli Racing Team. Mind you, this video is from 2014, so it’s not like she did this race yesterday or something. Regardless, it’s an impressive feat as we watch her make up 44 spots in one lap!

Sabine started from last place due to a penalty, and was the only one who used slicks on the wet track. And man, she goes like a demon possessed through the pack. Astons and Ferraris all fall victim to the Queen. There are also a few close calls, especially in the beginning of the race, which Sabine deals with magnificently.

Races like this are why touring car racing is my favorite racing discipline out of all the motorsports. I know Richard jokes about it on Top Gear, stating that the crashes are what draws people in, and while I don’t disagree with that, it’s the intense bumper to bumper video game styled races that keep me coming back.

It’s not a form of racing that’s very popular in the States (NASCAR is king here much to my chagrin), but thanks to YouTube, anyone can find pretty much any form of racing that they could ever want. If you’re not overly familiar with touring cars, I implore you to jump on YouTube and check out some races. They are intense!

Here’s another video from that same race that present a bunch of highlights from the 20 laps. You get a ton of info from this one, so enjoy!

SOURCE | DriveTribe

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