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The Car Wash Nightmare Nobody Every Wants to Experience

Do you take your car to an automated car wash regularly? If you answered yes, you may want to think twice about using one next time. Recently, a reader of Jalopnik took a video inside a car wash with his car’s dash cam. What happened there, is pure craziness.

The car wash horror picture show

Yesterday, on March 27th, Jalokpnik reader Nick drove his Chevrolet Silverado into a car wash. Unfortunately, a woman in a white Nissan Maxima had the same idea that day.

As you can see in the video from Nick’s dash cam down below, the woman runs into some mechanical trouble with her Nissan as she heads through the prewash station. Nonetheless the car wash employee permits her to proceed into the main washer.

However, as she pulls in line right in front of Nick this is where the real trouble begins. At first, everything seems well. But right at the end of the car wash, it seems like the Nissan isn’t able to drive out of the car wash.

While the other cars are still in line behind the Nissan, Nick reports he tried to get a hold of the car wash’s employees by honking his horn. Apparently that didn’t help.

As you can see in the video, the woman in the Nissan tries to get out of her car. A few seconds later the car wash’s automatic trail pushes Nick’s car into the Nissan – four times. Finally, it gets hit by the next car, an SUV which finally forces the Nissan out of the car wash.

As reported by Jalopnik, the damage done was worst for the Nissan. Nick himself filed a police report and is thinking about suing the car wash for negligence. Anyway, he will probably not use a car wash again that soon.

What do you make of this? Who is at fault here? Did you have similarly bad experiences in a car wash yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. The white Nissan is 100% at fault. Car wash employees do not hang out in the car wash tunnel waiting to stop a customer from doing something stupid. First, it’s extremely loud, especially around the dryers and would cause hearing damage over extended times. Second, it’s dangerous to be walking around moving equipment, the moving conveyor, and flying shrapnel from the dryers (they blow at 120 mph and will dislodge loose items from the back of pickup trucks).

    This was caused not by a mechanical problem with the car wash, but from the negligence of the Nissan owner. Did the car wash instruct her to open her door and exit the car? No. Having been to a Delta Sonic and having observed their procedures, I can say that they are extremely professional. This woman exited her vehicle while on a moving conveyor. It is solely her fault. Contact her insurance company. With the video that you showed, they will pay to fix your car… Guaranteed.

  2. Why would the lady continue to take her car through the car wash it obviously was not working properly duhhh she probably had electrical issues and now it caused damage onto other peoples property. Her insurance should be responsible for this.

  3. Why did this idiot follow the car in there if he knew it had issues? He says the staff were negligent but it was his choice to continue meaning he didn’t think there would be a problem so why should the staff?

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