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Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson Shocks Fans With Hilariously Honest Tweet

In a recent tweet barrage against the BBC, Jeremy Clarkson opened up about his thoughts behind a part of his era of Top Gear, and in doing so, shocked and entertained fans.

Last night, in a number of tweets aimed at the BBC, Clarkson complained over the way the channel cut the coverage of Boris Johnson’s speech regarding the new Covid regulations and three-tier system now implemented over England.

“The BBC has just decided that a trailer for The Wall is more important than the new Covid measures,” he tweeted as the BBC quickly cut its coverage and forced viewers to change to BBC Parliament to continue to watch.

Only an hour before, he’d also complained about the BBC putting journalists on the streets to interview the public.

“BBC News. You are doing it again,” he tweeted. “I know it’s a cheap way of filling the time but we are NOT interested in what people in the street think.”

Fans were quick to point out, though, that this is very similar to a tactic Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May used to employ in Top Gear, when they used to ask the audience their thoughts on certain cars in the studio.

“Do you not interview your audience to canvass opinions on the cars you drive, it’s exactly the same… called a vox pop in case you had forgotten.. oddly doing a tweet and getting replies is almost the same,” Tony Dolcereplied.

In the clip above you can see a prime example of Clarkson interviewing the audience and bouncing off what they say with hilarious retorts. On Twitter, he was keen to explain how this was different to the BBC’s example.

“No. I did it for comedic effect. I had no interest at all in what they had to say,” he states.

This hilarious reply from Clarkson is exactly why he has angered, yet made so many people laugh. Clear, to the point, and not a care in the world of what other people may think. Carry on, Clarkson.

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