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The Grand Tour: Abbie Eaton Could Return States Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson recently interviewed The Grand Tour executive producer and editor, Andy Wilman on his DriveTribe YouTube channel.

A number of topics were discussed, including the future of The Grand Tour season four’s second episode, where the third episode will be filmed and even what car Mr Wilman drives.

One update that we weren’t expecting to hear was that the show may still have plans for their resident Eboladrome driver, Abbie Eaton.

The 28-year-old racing driver was a welcomed addition to the Grand Tour, replacing the not so popular Mike Skinner – known as The American.

During the interview, Jezza was discussing with Andy the changes the show has made in the most recent season, getting rid of the tent format and most of what came with it, in favour of focussing more on their wildly popular adventurous specials. However, he also mentioned that this might not be the end for driver Abbie:

Jeremy: I think we said at the end of the last show, we’re not doing anymore shows like that are we? No more shows from the tent, no more Eboladrome, not necessarily no more Abbie.

What they have planned for her is anyone’s guess at the moment, but we would like to assume she will take a similar role to the many amalgamations of ‘The Stig‘ that we saw on the many Top Gear specials such as The Stig’s American Cousin, his African Cousin and Attack Stig – where Abbie would set lap times for the three presenters as part of one of their adventures.

Time will tell, but we hope to see more of Abbie in the future of The Grand Tour – what kind of role would you like to see her perform in future Grand Tour Episodes? Let us know in the comments.

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