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Top Gear Series 24: Extra Gear Returns With a New Host

One of the things I enjoyed most about Series 23 (probably the only thing, actually), was watching Extra Gear online after the main episode. Granted, most of it was due to Chris Harris and Rory Reid, but even when it wasn’t those two, Extra Gear just seemed more “top Gear” than actual show itself. Something about its pacing and energy just seemed to work better.

With the cast undergoing a dramatic change and returning to three main hosts, I assumed that Extra Gear was not returning, but I’m glad to be wrong! Digital Spy reports that not only will Extra Gear return, but it will be helmed by a new host, comedian George Lewis. And even better is the news that Chris Harris and Rory Reid will also be alongside Lewis to host Extra Gear, which will be available to watch online on BBC Three after the main show airs.

George Lewis won Comedy Knights Comedians Of the Year in 2015, so he’ll definitely be interesting to watch, but don’t think he’s all laughs and no substance. He’s into cars as well (thank goodness)! For those who didn’t catch Extra Gear last series, I highly suggest giving it a watch. It functions as supplemental material to the main show, delivering exclusive behind the scenes footage, bloopers, and of course, cars.

Extra Gear will feature some of the cars featured on the main show along with a hot lap of the Top Gear track in each car. Rest assured, it will be George Lewis behind the wheel, not editing trickery with stunt drivers (like one Mr. LeBlanc). With humor befitting an award winning comedian and hopefully a wealth of car knowledge, Extra Gear looks to be in good hands in the upcoming series.

Top Gear Series 24 will return to our screens this Sunday, March 5th on BBC Two at 8pm while Extra Gear will on BBC Three at 9PM.

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