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Jeremy Clarkson Slammed By Steve Coogan

Here’s a bit of drama for your hump day enjoyment: according to a piece by Digital Spy, Steve Coogan has decided to lay into Jeremy Clarkson, and he was not shy about his opinions on Clarkson. An audience member at a press release featuring Coogan’s show The Trip mentioned that it was starting to remind him of Top Gear.

Coogan apparently did not enjoy the comparison, stating:

I quite like Jeremy Clarkson in small doses, but I found that affected machismo thing just profoundly dull.

I know it’s appealing to some people. It’s very popular, but then Brexit’s popular and so’s Donald Trump, and they’re crap as well. I don’t know what’s going to happen to it.

Comedy’s targets should be the powerful, people who should be called to account. Comedy shouldn’t be used to bully disenfranchised and weak people.


I can see where Coogan is coming from since Jeremy is no stranger to controversial things coming out of his mouth, but calling Clarkson’s brand of humor something to “bully disenfranchised and weak people” seem to be a bit of a reach. It’s a bit less PC than many would like, but honestly the difference I’m seeing is that Clarkson’s comedy is more low brow and apparently Coogan think his own comedy is more high brow, especially with his thoughts on what comedy should be:

“Comedy is at its most powerful, rewarding and satisfying when it does what it’s supposed to do, which is satirise, and challenge the status quo.”

Well sure, I can appreciate high brow humor as much as the next guy, but you know what? Sometimes I want to laugh at penis jokes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing against Coogan personally; I actually quite like his work, but not knowing any history between the two of them, I found his comments on Jeremy a bit odd and out of nowhere. Comedy does NOT always have to be political and does not always have make a statement. It absolutely can be about nothing but fart jokes.

Honestly, it sounded like Mr. Coogan was inadvertently compared to Clarkson (barely so) who he apparently doesn’t like, and took it personally.

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  1. Yes whereas Coogan’s own brand of affected machismo whereby a middle aged man dates 20 year olds is totally not predictable and dull

  2. It doesn’t matter what Coogan’s view is. Fact is Mr Clarkson is much more naturally funny and popular, than Coogan. The people have spoken, Clarkson WINS!

  3. Just another privileged white Liberal who’s been left dazed, and confused. As to why the World at large is finally waking up to their dangerous experiments. Against human decency. Because most normal thinking People. Think jolly Josef Habib should stay at home, instead of looking for free handouts. While we let our own Homeless freeze to death. To Hell with Coogan. Perhaps by some good fortune he’ll be invited onto Celebrity Brain Crash next Year 😀

  4. Coogan is just bellyaching because his political philosophy, which seems closely tied to his ego, has been taking a beating lately. I reckon he is also a bit jealous of Clarkson.

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