Edd China Is Back With Garage Revival

If you thought the end of Edd China on Wheeler Dealers was the last we will see of him, then you were dead wrong. Edd China is back with a new show called Edd China’s Garage Revival, and we have the pilot episode for you right here!

In Edd’s new show, he will travel the world and work with car owners who have restoration projects that they are having troubles with. Edd will work with these owners to get their projects back on track.

In the pilot episode, Edd travels to Norway to help Stian Jørgensen complete his VW Golf MK1 GTI project whose completion has eluded him for two years. In the episode, you’ll get an intro to the town of Trøgstad, a visit to a VW expert to find how to make the Golf road legal, and final result with a completed GTI.

Check out the episode, and enjoy!

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