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11 Injured As Porsche Runs Into Crowd At Cars And Coffee

At least 11 people have sustained injuries after a gray Porsche Boxster Spyder spun off the road into a crowd of spectators at Cars And Coffee in Boise, Idaho, six of whom were taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance. This is why we don’t show off on public roads.

The driver of the Boxster had reportedly come around the corner too quickly, and attempted to correct lift-off oversteer with too much throttle, quickly losing control of the car and doing a full spin towards the crowd on the sidewalk before coming to a halt.

The Boxster sustained heavy damage to its windshield and left front side, likely from hitting the curb and the sign. There’s no word yet as to whether the driver will be charged with reckless driving, and is fully cooperating with the investigation.

Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported as of yet. It just goes to show: if you try to show off, on public roads, full of people, and other cars, you’re an idiot. I suppose if your car has a pit speed limiter, leaving Cars And Coffee is a great time to break it in.


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